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Press release

17 May 2010

NEC delivers enterprise access and backhaul network to Antenna Hungária using VectaStar from Cambridge Broadband Networks

London, UK, 17 May 2010 NEC Eastern Europe announced today at the TNMO 2010 (Transport Networks for Mobile Operators) conference in London that it has signed a contract with Antenna Hungária to build a national enterprise access network in Hungary. It will enable Antenna Hungária to provide high-capacity, high-quality data connections to large enterprises, including banks, as well as offer backhaul capacity to mobile operators. NEC has built the network using VectaStar, a Point to Multipoint (PMP) microwave solution from Cambridge Broadband Networks.

The PMP microwave architecture allows networks to be built and extended rapidly and cost effectively. VectaStar delivers further efficiencies by making best use of available spectrum, which is a valuable and finite resource, by aggregating and statistically multiplexing packet data over the air.

Zsolt Árki, Head of Engineering and Implementation at Antenna Hungária, said:

Through our long-standing relationship with NEC and its collaboration with Cambridge Broadband Networks we now have a network in place that will give us the performance we need to continue offering our customers the bandwidth they demand in the timescales we guarantee. We have found VectaStar to be extremely quick and easy to deploy with a typical installation taking just half a day.

Antenna Hungária is using VectaStar in the 26GHz frequency band to deliver network coverage in the big cities across Hungary. To date, the network comprises several VectaStar aggregation hubs in Budapest delivering more Gbits of multi-service capacity to the area. Enterprise users of the network will benefit from improved services including high-speed internet access, fast LAN2LAN connections, leased lines and telephony and hosting.

Antenna Hungária is a customer we know well having worked together successfully since 1976. We have provided solutions such as the ultra-compact microwave communications system Pasolink, a trunk microwave system and television transmitter. In this case, we identified PMP microwave as the technology to best meet the needs of Antenna Hungária.

said Toru Koishi, president and CEO, NEC Eastern Europe.

The deployment is our first collaboration following our recently formed relationship with Cambridge Broadband Networks to supply PMP microwave networks in Central and Eastern Europe.

Graham Peel, Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Broadband Networks said:

NEC has a strong and respected presence in Central and Eastern Europe, regions where we see a substantial opportunity for VectaStar. Data capacity demands across the region are growing rapidly and VectaStar enables operators to capitalise on this growth. Working in partnership with NEC on the Antenna Hungária deployment has been a success in every respect and we look forward to continuing the partnership through future deployments.

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About Antenna Hungária

Antenna Hungária is an innovative, customer-oriented broadcasting and telecommunication company, a market leader in terrestrial nationwide television and radio transmission and microwave-based network services in Hungary. Guided by its strengths, its people, and its experience, the company adapts and develops technologies and solutions to bring inspiration, innovation and success for its business customers and the entire industry.

As a member of the international TDF Group and as an independent market player, Antenna Hungária is aiming to play a pivotal role in the transition to digital TV and radio transmission, and in the convergence of broadcasting and telecommunication. The company offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art services based on our unique tower infrastructure and on a highly experienced and motivated team. Antenna Hungária lays emphasis on technical innovation, service development, superior customer service and operational excellence.

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About Cambridge Broadband Networks

Cambridge Broadband Networks provides telecommunications operators with carrier-class wireless point-to-multipoint transmission equipment. The company’s unique approach to backhaul means that its technology provides operators with a highly compelling business case, reducing backhaul costs by up to 60%.

To date, Cambridge Broadband Networks products have been commercially deployed and technically proven in more than 30 countries, and the company continues to expand into new geographical markets as wireless networks become more widespread throughout the world. Privately-held, Cambridge Broadband Networks has headquarters in Cambridge, UK, with offices in Malaysia, Middle East, USA and South Africa.

About NEC

NEC Eastern Europe has its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. Its customers span the telecommunications, IT networks and broadcasting markets.

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