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Press release

6 February 2008

Wana chooses Cambridge Broadband Networks for Multi-service Delivery

VectaStar flexibility enables WiMAX, CDMA and Enterprise access services on a single, multi-frequency platform

Cambridge, UK, 6 February 2008: Moroccan telecommunications operator Wana has awarded Cambridge Broadband Networks a significant contract for the provision of its VectaStar transmission platform. Wana is using VectaStar to backhaul multiple services including corporate access and CDMA cellular traffic with WiMAX set to follow later in 2008. The network will operate on two frequency bands, 3.5 and 10.5GHz, simultaneously.

A key reason for Wana selecting VectaStar was because of its cost effective deployment architecture for operators holding multiple frequency licenses.

VectaStar is the only Point-to-Multipoint microwave platform that operates on all frequencies simultaneously from a single hub. Furthermore, VectaStar has integrated multi-protocol quality of service (QoS) management and optimisation capability. This ensures that only data that is actually required is transmitted across the network. The statistical multiplexing feature that is a key feature of the VectaStar radio plane architecture means VectaStar can effectively carry at least four times the data of any competing system in the same over-the-air bandwidth; ensuring Wana can cope with the diverse access and backhaul requirements of the mixed, CDMA, enterprise and WiMAX services they intend to deploy over it.

Karim Zaz Chairman and CEO, from Wana, explains

VectaStar has performed well for us as an access solution so it was the logical choice to expand our network using it. Being able to expand our application of VectaStar to include backhauling our CDMA and WiMAX network underpins our original decision to back this innovative, scalable platform.

Olof Lindberg, Vice President Worldwide Sales of Cambridge Broadband Networks, comments:

Wana has been recognised by the African Telecoms Union for its innovative provision of cellular and access services. As an established VectaStar customer, we are thrilled to have been able to work with Wana to make this service a reality and look forward to working with it on the next phase of its deployment of wireless broadband services. Wana started its commercial operation with VectaStar more than a year ago and the fact it has selected Cambridge Broadband Networks to handle the next generation of high speed data services is a glowing testament to the underlying strength of the VectaStar product and Point-to-Multipoint transmission.

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About Cambridge Broadband Networks

Cambridge Broadband Networks provides telecommunications operators with carrier-class wireless Point-to-Multipoint transmission equipment. The company’s unique approach to backhaul means that its technology provides operators with a highly compelling business case, reducing backhaul costs by up to 60%. To date, Cambridge Broadband Networks products have been commercially deployed and technically proven in more than 30 countries, and the company continues to expand into new geographical markets as wireless networks become more widespread throughout the world. Cambridge Broadband Networks has headquarters in Cambridge, UK, with offices in Malaysia and South Africa and manufacturing facilities in China and the UK.

About VectaStar

VectaStar is a highly flexible, scalable Point-to-Multipoint radio transmission system that can be used for 2G and 3G cellular backhaul, WiMAX/WiFi/DSLAM backhaul and Enterprise access. VectaStar is the only transmission solution with integrated Abis and Iub optimisation and dynamic statistical multiplexing to maximise the traffic that can be carried in any given bandwidth. This provides operators with the most efficient use of their radio spectrum and gives substantial operational and capital expenditure savings compared to leased line solutions. VectaStar’s additional advantages include its superior capacity, range, service mix, spectral efficiency and built-in support for full redundancy. VectaStar seamlessly supports E1/T1, IP and ATM transmission protocols, providing operators with a comprehensive range of service offerings within a future proof platform. A single VectaStar base station supports simultaneous operation in the licensed 3.5GHz, 10.5GHz and 26GHz (24.5–26.5GHz) spectrum bands.

About Wana

Wana is an integrated global telecom operator launched in January 2007, operating on the segments landline and soon mobile telephony and Internet Services. Wana targets individual, corporate and wholesale. By becoming a new global operator, Wana is keen to democratize and simplify access to telecommunications products for Moroccans and allow users, individuals and corporations alike to use the latest breakthroughs in terms of product innovation and service quality For more information, consult our web site at or