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4 March 2008

Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited and NEC Europe Collaborate to Deliver VectaStar Cellular Backhaul Solutions across 18 Growth Markets in Europe

Cambridge, UK, 4 March 2008: NEC Europe and Cambridge Broadband Networks have signed a cooperation agreement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which sees NEC adding VectaStar Intelligent Microwave Backhaul Products to its existing portfolio of point-to-point microwave solutions. This non-exclusive agreement covers 18 growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe including Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. It is effective immediately.

Graham Peel, Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited CEO comments

Increasingly, new microwave backhaul networks built in dense urban environments need a PMP solution to be cost effective. NEC has accepted that by adding Vectastar to their industry-leading portfolio of point-to-point microwave backhaul products, they can offer their customers the flexibility and fast deployment that rapidly growing markets demand. Furthermore, NEC’s recently acquired deployment services business, Linecom, makes for a very attractive partnership. We expect the agreement with NEC to add further fuel to our growth and ability to execute in these exciting European markets.

Olof Lindberg, Vice President Worldwide Sales of Cambridge Broadband Networks, said:

We are delighted to work with NEC, the worldwide leader in microwave solutions, and an ideal partner to work with CBNL to spearhead the growth of PMP solutions across the continent and beyond. By combining Cambridge Broadband Networks’ VectaStar intelligent Microwave PMP microwave solution with the NEC portfolio, we are able to address any microwave backhaul scenario. Microwave backhaul is particularly relevant in growth markets such as Central and Eastern Europe with limited cabled infrastructure such as fibre and leased lines.

The partnership covers the following 18 growth markets: Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro.

VectaStar, designed and supplied by Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited (CBNL), is a wireless backhaul product based on industry leading Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) microwave architecture. Its advanced transmission features are developed specifically to support operators with their current backhaul needs of today, while meeting the challenges of technology convergence and high data rate services of tomorrow. It is a future-proof backhaul approach for network planners building HSPA and WiMAX networks today and planning the LTE networks of the future.

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About Cambridge Broadband Networks

Cambridge Broadband Networks provides telecommunications operators with carrier-class wireless Point-to-Multipoint transmission equipment. The company’s unique approach to backhaul means that its technology provides operators with a highly compelling business case, reducing backhaul costs by up to 60%. To date, Cambridge Broadband Networks products have been commercially deployed and technically proven in more than 30 countries, and the company continues to expand into new geographical markets as wireless networks become more widespread throughout the world. Cambridge Broadband Networks has headquarters in Cambridge, UK, with offices in Malaysia and South Africa and manufacturing facilities in China and the UK.

About VectaStar

VectaStar is a highly flexible, scalable Point-to-Multipoint radio transmission system that can be used for 2G and 3G cellular backhaul, WiMAX/WiFi/DSLAM backhaul and Enterprise access. VectaStar is the only transmission solution with integrated Abis and Iub optimisation and dynamic statistical multiplexing to maximise the traffic that can be carried in any given bandwidth. This provides operators with the most efficient use of their radio spectrum and gives substantial operational and capital expenditure savings compared to leased line solutions. VectaStar’s additional advantages include its superior capacity, range, service mix, spectral efficiency and built-in support for full redundancy. VectaStar seamlessly supports E1/T1, IP and ATM transmission protocols, providing operators with a comprehensive range of service offerings within a future proof platform. A single VectaStar base station supports simultaneous operation in the licensed 3.5GHz, 10.5GHz and 26GHz (24.5–26.5GHz) spectrum bands.