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April 2010

Save $5bn

Europe’s top-tier operators can save up to $5bn over a five year period with PMP, says Informa

Informa Telecoms and Media have released an independent research white paper, which compares last mile backhaul options for western European operators. Key findings of this groundbreaking report show that point-to-multipoint (PMP) can be deployed at a staggering 5% of the cost of fibre. It also identifies that PMP is 40% more cost effective to deploy compared with traditional point-to-point (PTP) microwave

The report released to Informa clients in February 2010 looks at the shift in mobile use from the predictable world of voice-centric traffic, to today’s ‘all-you-can-eat’ data tariffs. The study indicates that the exponential rise in mobile broadband usage, driven by devices like dongles and tablets, represents a new wave of technology use, which will continue to drive the demand for increasingly high broadband speeds.

The research forecasts a rapid growth in data traffic over the next 5 years, showing the need for operators to act now to meet this demand. It discusses the possible migration options for operators, comparing E1 lines, fibre, satellite, FSO and microwave.

Traffic growth and cost comparison of PTMP and PTP Traffic growth (left) and cost comparison of PTMP and PTP (right) over five years.

With a thorough comparison of viable last mile backhaul options, including a comparison of spectral efficiency, speed of deployment and OPEX and CAPEX reduction, Informa concluded

The technology most suited to deal with the current upgrade requirement in Western Europe is Microwave PTMP.

The report indicates that fibre is still the favourite for long-term high-capacity solutions, but due to speed of deployment and high CAPEX, it maintains that fibre networks will be deployed gradually over time with legacy technologies and microwave making up the largest share of the market until CAPEX costs become more affordable.

As an immediate solution to spiralling data demands, Informa state that

PTMP is more cost efficient and can help mobile operators to reduce infrastructure costs while meeting mobile broadband capacity demands.

The report draws a direct comparison to point-to-point (PTP) technologies, finding that,

The most cost effective technologies are microwave technologies, with PTMP being more cost efficient than PTP …[because] PTMP allows the operator to instantly share resources across radios and, as capacity and density rise, bandwidth can be distributed more effectively between links.

As backhaul CAPEX is expected to reach US$2.6 billion during 2010 in Western Europe, Informa conclude that cost savings from PTMP can become an important driver to reduce overall costs. According to the calculations in this white paper, PTMP can offer savings of up to US$5 billion over a 5-year period for a Tier-1 mobile operator with networks in 5 European developed markets.

For a copy of the report email Lance Hiley at Cambridge Broadband Networks.

CBNL creates the world’s largest point-to-multipoint microwave access network

News of CBNL’s partnership with a Vodafone-owned Gateway communications, to create the world’s largest PMP access network in Nigeria has hit the this month.

VectaStar 10 GHz Access Point

Pan-African provider of carrier and business network solutions, Gateway Communications will deliver mobile broadband access across 10 Nigerian states this year, with roll-out scheduled for 14 additional states in 2011 as part of its all-IP connectivity network that will eventually cover every major African city.

This is not the first time that Gateway and CBNL have hit the media. This dynamic partnership was recognised for its outstanding achievements in developing countries at the GTB awards in June last year, winning the Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation award.

Since this, the duo have worked together to create the world’s largest point-to-multipoint microwave access network. Gateway says it will use Cambridge Broadband Networks’ industry leading VectaStar II platform to provision 130 hubs and 5000 terminal stations that will deliver mobile broadband connections across Nigeria.

Gateway chose to work with CBNL because

We needed an efficient, reliable and high capacity solution that could be deployed quickly

according to Guy Clarke, Managing Director of Gateway Nigeria,

and point to multipoint met all those requirements as well as being highly efficient to run and commercially sound.

For more information, read the press release.

We’re top R&D performers

Cambridge Broadband Networks has been recognised by the UK Government for its investment in research and development (R&D).

It is one of the top 50 technology hardware and equipment sector companies recognised in ‘The UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills 2009 R&D Scoreboard’.

The listing recognises the USD$6.7m R&D investment made by Cambridge Broadband Networks between 2008 and 2009 to ready its VectaStar products for the mobile backhaul expansion demands.

Graham Peel, CEO said:

No other company in our sector is investing so heavily in R&D. That investment is producing significant dividends for Cambridge Broadband Networks and its customers. Our VectaStar PMP microwave backhaul solutions now offer an efficient, high capacity and future proofed means of addressing the demand for mobile backhaul, and they deliver clear and quantifiable savings in both operating and capital expenditure. Those characteristics have given us a lead on both legacy microwave technologies and our competitors in the PMP microwave sector.

Dramatic increases in mobile data traffic, driven by the proliferation of smartphones and USB dongles have placed an unprecedented strain on backhaul networks. In order to avoid spiralling CAPEX and OPEX costs mobile operators have had to look for alternative backhaul solutions to meet the increased capacity demands.

Cambridge Broadband Networks has responded by investing heavily in the rapid evolution of its VectaStar point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave backhaul solutions. VectaStar PMP solutions are particularly suited to satisfying the exploding demand for HSDPA and LTE data backhaul.

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