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November 2011

New study shows multipoint delivers a 49% cost saving over other forms of backhaul

A new study from Senza Fili has been published which provides a clear comparison of the key cost drivers across the most widely used backhaul solutions.

New study shows multipoint delivers a 49% cost saving over other forms of backhaulSponsored by CBNL, the 'Crucial economics for mobile data backhaul' white paper presents a financial analysis based on a total cost of ownership model that compares capex and opex of fibre, microwave and E-band PTP, and microwave point-to-multipoint (PMP) backhaul within LTE, 3G, and small-cell networks over a period of five years.

The study demonstrates that PMP mobile data backhaul can deliver a 49% cost saving over PTP, thanks to a more efficient use of spectrum equipment that lowers capex and opex at the same time.

This analysis helps network providers compare and select backhaul solutions for high-density environments which meet their performance requirements whilst minimising costs.

Download the white paper.

CBNL delivers on 4G for O2

Our VectaStar multipoint microwave equipment will be backhauling LTE data as a key element of O2’s trial 4G network – the UK’s largest LTE trial network.

CBNL delivers on 4G for O2

The superfast network, operating across 40 square kilometres in high traffic areas of London is designed to deliver mobile data speeds equivalent to the fastest fixed line connection.

The VectaStar multipoint microwave backhaul technology, a significant advance on traditional microwave technologies, mirrors the network configuration found in the radio access network (the interface between cell tower and mobile handset), and allows O2 to backhaul mobile traffic from multiple cell towers to a single aggregation point. This fundamental change in backhaul network architecture delivers significant advantages in terms of cost and efficiency, particularly for next generation mobile.

Graham Peel, CEO of CBNL said: "LTE networks offer enormous promise for mobile operators and the consumers they serve but the huge volumes of data traffic they are capable of generating, demand a new approach to backhaul. It is a challenge we designed our VectaStar solutions to meet – in addition to delivering the raw capacity requirement for LTE, the efficiency gains inherent in multipoint microwave can significantly reduce the cost per megabyte."

VectaStar equipment is being used to backhaul most of the sites involved in the London 4G trial. O2’s 4G trial will use the 2.6 GHz spectrum band. VectaStar will use the available 28 GHz band.

During the trial O2 will provide participants with Samsung B3730 mobile broadband dongles, supporting speeds of up to 100Mbps, as well as MiFi (4G/WiFi) devices and handsets from a number of other vendors.

CBNL Centre of Excellence opens in Nigeria

CBNL Centre of Excellence opens in Nigeria

Our new Centre of Excellence in Lagos, Nigeria has officially opened which provides local telecoms engineers with dedicated training and resources to plan and install CBNL microwave transmission equipment and networks.

"We’ve been a part of the phenomenal success of the growth of the African mobile market over the past five years and the opening of our Centre of Excellence in Nigeria is testament to our commitment to the region and our investment in the people of West Africa." says Vincent Chirouze, Sub-Saharan Africa Manager, CBNL.

The training provides engineers with a certified accreditation that offers a solid grounding in the telecoms industry — covering aspects such as network design, installation and testing - and could stand them in good stead as the industry continues to boom in Nigeria.

"The absolute trip of a lifetime!"

The absolute trip of a lifetime!

Students from Comberton Village College have returned from their school exchange programme to Africa with many amazing teaching and cultural experiences.

The CBNL sponsored programme has seen students from a college local to our UK HQ visit schools in South Africa and Mozambique to help teach lessons and get involved in school life.

We catch up with student Martha Hallett-Morley...

"South Africa 2011 was the absolute trip of a lifetime.

"In just three and a half weeks we experienced so much of a country that has so much to offer. We experienced the wonderful South African culture: the food, the music, the dancing; we pony trekked across the snow tipped mountains of Lesotho where we stayed in the little of huts of Malealea; and spent a weekend in the contrasting sunny beaches of Durban – with shark infested waters!

"We made some wonderful friends there and visited some amazing places.

"The time we spent in Edendale Primary and High, taught us a great deal about the culture and school system of South Africa.

"We were able to compare our school to theirs and, whilst gaining some great teaching experience, we were able to share some English traditions.

"For many of us the highlight of the trip was spending our evenings in the orphanage, with Virginia, Keitu, Gontse, Dipuo, Lucky, Thabang and Bassiame. We got incredibly close over the two weeks we spent with them, and it brought many tears saying goodbye.

"They taught us a great deal, and we definitely left a strong impression on each other. I know most of us are planning to return in a few years and visit them again.

"Despite having heard wonderful things from previous years, South Africa managed to defy expectations in every way, and proved to be a truly life-changing experience."

40% microwave backhaul efficiency gain demonstrated

40% microwave backhaul efficiency gain demonstrated

We have recently released live customer data that clearly demonstrates the efficiencies intelligent data aggregation technologies can bring to mobile backhaul networks. The data reveals that aggregation can reduce bandwidth requirements by a minimum of 40% whilst delivering an identical service.

Find out more

Presentations and videos

Presentations and videos

View our Head of R&D’s presentation from October’s Packet Microwave Forum on ‘Data Centric Backhaul’ – this includes an interview which discusses how denser networks become more efficient through data aggregation.

View the presentation and video

Events diary

Mobile World Congress 2012

CBNL will again be joining industry leaders from across the globe at next year’s Mobile World Congress. We will have an exhibition stand and be showcasing a demo hosting live traffic. More details will follow in January’s Infocast.

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