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About our company

Cambridge Broadband Networks is a manufacturer of carrier-class, intelligent packet microwave solutions with a forward-looking strategy dedicated to providing network operators with a low-risk, scalable platform designed to significantly reduce backhaul OPEX and CAPEX.

Since its inception in 2000, Cambridge Broadband Networks has become a market leader for Point-to-Multipoint backhaul solutions. From offices in the UK, Africa and Malaysia, we operate in 33 countries and are continuing to grow quickly in response to our fast-developing industry.



We employ specialists from all over the world with different academic backgrounds and areas of technical expertise. Our clients and offices span the globe and it is this diversity that enables us to effectively meet the needs of our customers in our fast paced industry.



Our award winning products have been commended for their outstanding innovation and technical advance. Our teams of engineers, researchers and manufacturers are industry experts in wireless backhaul, and lead the way in innovative, cutting edge technology.



VectaStar is the leading point-to-multipoint microwave technology in the world, outselling the competition 2:1 in 2008.

Cambridge Broadband Networks operate in 33 different countries across the globe and continue to grow in size and revenue year-on-year.

The company’s VectaStar enables service providers to handle exponential voice and data growth in a cost-effective way and deliver the high rates of user satisfaction they need to grow the value of their subscriber base.

VectaStar. It is a low risk, future-proof system. Now, that’s intelligent.